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Sansas does have an office in India & Canada.

Our staffs in India are fully qualified in regards to interviewing the ideal candidate and provide you with full details.

We can be able to find a suitably skilled employee in the following fields.

CNC Programmer ( Milling and Turning )

CNC Operator ( Milling, Turning, Wire and Sink Edm )

Tool and Die Maker ( Injection mold and Stamping tools )

Solids model designer ( Injection mold and stamping tools )

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Process of Recruitment :

Sansas staff from our Canadian office will visit you in person to understand your needs and then be able to advertise in India.

Our Indian staff will advertise, collect selected resumes, and forward them to our head office in Canada.

SANSAS Canada will then contact candidates and interviews them via Zoom meetings & Emails.

Once the ideal candidates are selected, we will then forward those resumes to our clients for their review and consideration, Clients can be able to interview the candidates via Zoom meeting. Once the suitable candidate is identified by clients, SANSAS Canada will apply for a work permit application with Canadian immigration under LMIA programs.

SANSAS Canada will do all paperwork from A to Z.

Once the Candidate arrived in Canada, SANSAS Canada will assist them to settle comfortably in their new working conditions.

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A work permit is a legal document that allows an individual to work in a specific country for a specified period of time. Work permits are typically issued by the government of the country where the individual wishes to work. To obtain a work permit, an individual must first apply for one and meet certain eligibility requirements. The requirements for getting a work permit vary depending on the country and the type of work permit being applied for. Some common requirements include having a job offer from a company in the country, possessing certain skills or qualifications, and meeting certain health and security standards.

Once the work permit is granted, the individual is legally allowed to work in the country for a specified period of time. It is important to note that work permits are typically tied to a specific employer, and the individual is not allowed to work for a different employer without obtaining a new work permit. Work permits are often used by companies to hire foreign workers for short-term or long-term positions. They are also used by individuals who wish to work abroad for a period of time, such as students who want to work part-time while studying in a foreign country.

It is important to follow all rules and regulations related to work permits, including restrictions on the type of work that can be performed, the duration of the permit, and the requirements for renewing or extending the permit. Failure to comply with these rules can result in the revocation of the work permit and potential legal consequences. This is where we come in. Because we have dealt with a lot of companies that have hired foreign workers with work permits, we have plenty of hands-on experience with what the work permits will look like and more importantly what they will expect so you will have a higher chance of getting your work permit approved by the government with less hassle and stress.

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