Work permits - LMIA

Work Permits – LMIA

Work permits - LMIA

Dear Business Owner.

Good Day,

Are you tired in finding a skilled professional in Canada ?

Are you looking for a skilled professional from India to take over your working load.

Good News.


We’ve got you covered.

SANSAS can be a good fit to your organization.


About SANSAS : 

Sansas is a business consultant firm in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Do have offices in India with highly qualified recruiters.

We specialize in brining skilled trade professionals to Canada.


Our staffs in Canada has extensive knowledge in manufacturing industries and processes.

( Example : CNC Machining, CNC Programming using Mastercam, CATIA and etc.,,  Tool and die, Metal stamping,

Aerospace components, 5axis machining ( turning and milling ) and etc., )

We have the ability to interview qualified candidates, conduct zoom meeting interviews, access their qualifications, experiences and bring them on board.


SANSAS Process : 

  • Our Staff from  Canadian office will book an appointment give you a call for a preliminary conversation.
  • If required, Our staff will visit your office to understand your requirements & expectations .
  • SANSAS will draft a job post description and provide to the Client with salary, benefits and other details,
  • Once client approved job listing details, details will be transferred to Office in India.
  • Indian Staffs will advertise in high ranking job boards and newspapers to select suitable candidates.
  • Indian staffs will conduct a preliminary interview prior to forward the selected resumes to Canadian office.
  • Staffs from Canadian office will conduct a zoom meeting call and interview the selected candidates.
  • Candidates will be interviewed and accessed via verbal and written text examinations,
  • Information about selected candidates will then be forwarded to Clients in Canada for further review. ( at this point, Clients can be able to interview the candidates directly as well)
  • Upon getting approval from the Client, SANSAS will apply for LMIA with immigration Canada and get approved from CIC office.
  • SANSAS will take care of all paper work from A to Z.
  • SANSAS will arrange a place for the candidate to settle in Canada comfortably ( costs for these service will be paid by the candidate )

Service charges from SASSAS:

Service charge will be quoted to Client after preliminary conversation over the phone.


If you have any questions,

Call us at 647 638 4151


Send an email to

We at SANSAS look forward to work with your Team,

Sansas Business Consultants

1290 Speers road,  #14

Oakville, Ontario

Canada L6L 2X4

Off : 647 638 4151